Friday, May 27, 2011

My sweet girl has done it!

It is sooo hard to believe but she is officially a first grader now. This morning she got on the bus as a kindergartner one last time. I am just amazed at how much she has grown but physically and emotionally this school year. I was so proud of her today. She received several awards including Random Act of Kindness Award and An Artist award- her drawing was picked as the best drawing by a Kindergartner in the whole state.
She had a wonderful teacher and a great group of classmates which set up a wonderful foundation for her school career.
Now we are looking forward to summer and some warm weather so we can get out and have some fun.
Hope you all had wonderful school years this year!

These last two pictures show how much she has changed this year!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Meina's one year Family Day at Disney!

It was 9 days of Disney fun and our first big vacation as a family of four! We had a blast and enjoyed the warm weather. Here are a few photos.... Enjoy

Ready to go to Mother's Day Dinner

Monday, April 25, 2011

Last year it was hailing!

Wow, almost a year since our trip to bring Meina home. So much is different this year. First of all Mike is home and not half way across the country in Georgia. Last Easter it was Ramzie and I celebrating by ourselves. This year was a whole different holiday and I LOVED it.

What a fun weekend we had. we decided this year to head back to the "small" community egg hunt instead of the MEGA HUNT that we did last year. IT was perfect for Meina's first time and Ramzie really enjoyed seeing a few of her friends that are going to different schools but live in the same area we do. All week Ramzie has been doing practice egg hunts with Meina and giving her tips. I would hear "Warm.... no not there look up Meina. Meina up....NO UP!" just can't beat that.

Anyway, on the day of the Egg hunt Ramzie and Meina were in different groups (due to age of course) so I was a mad women, trying to run and get pictures of Ramzie and then run back to hold the basket for Meina because she would not let her dad do it. The result- a "few" pictures but alot of fun!

We went to church service on Saturday night so Sunday we could just hang around and not go anywhere.

Sunday we had a wonderfully lazy day. Of course bright and early the girls were up ready to look for eggs and their baskets. That took about 30 minutes and then 30 minutes later the girls were in a chocolate induced stupor. Meina thought she was in heaven. She kept looking at me while eating the Jelly Beans like she was getting away with something. IT was pretty funny. Bot does she have a sweet tooth. Ramzie loves it to but took her time. I think she has learned from

years past to pace herself for the day. LOL

The rest of the day we played and worked in the yard. It was actually a nice day so we wanted to be out as much as possible. Mike and I were discussing how well the girls play together. I really thought due to the 4 year age difference, they would not play quite so well but they are great together. Ramzie is the little mother teaching her how to do things step by step and when she does try to go off to play by herself Meina is always yelling "Help Sissy" and "Sissy, Are You?"

I am always smiling to myself when I hear that. I Had hoped they would be close and so far it is working out much smoother than I dreamed. Just proving once again that God knew the timing and the plan all along.

We ended the day with a nice dinner and a family puzzle. It was a Disney themed puzzle as we are counting down to a trip in May!

Speaking of bed arrangements, Meina is in her toddler bed. She really thinks she is something too.We set up bedside stand (identical to Ramzie's) with a water cup and Kleenex and she has not missed a beat. I have caught her in her sister's bed sleeping a few times, but as long as they sleep that is just fine with me.

Monday, April 18, 2011

She is a big girl now!

Little Meina is now 2 years old. She can tell you and show you (by holding up her fingers) any time you ask. We had a great day on her birthday. She LOVED being the center of attention all day. Her Oma ad Opa made it up to celebrate with us too! Both of the girls have been busy this spring although it has been more like winter than spring. I am going to just put up pictures now and fill in details later..../